Sunday, January 18, 2009

new earrings for the new year

All good things come to an end - even having a break from making things.
I have a market coming up next week, but being a great procrastinator, I have put off making anything I can actually sell.

Instead I have been fiddling withwonderful little cubes give to me by the gorgeous Realisationcreations. She's been having a destash, which is something I had planned for the new year too. Ah, well.

I started with just a simple bracelet in peyote stitch.
But I didnt have enough beads to make it fit my wrist, so I added co-ordinating seed beads in 2-drop stitch at the ends.
(this picture shows it not quite finished yet)

I remember seeing a technique using cube beads and seed beads in a Bead and Button magazine.
that surely would solve the problem of not having quite enough beads for a bracelet.

For the next project I chose these lovely pewter or gunmetal matt cubes.
I teamed them some size 11's in a clear pale amethyst colour, that wouldnt overwhelm the cubes.

It is worked in a 2-drop peyote stitch, with the cubes being single-drop.
This technique is a lot slower than straight peyote stitch, and so it is still a work in progress, because I'm really thinking that I should be making earrings.

I have a stack of gorgeous Venetian glass beads still to use, so I warmed up witha few simple pairs.

The beads come from many different glassmakers in Venice and you can see how varied their beads are.

Some of them are quite large - not for the faint-hearted.
I'll be taking them to the Australia Day market in Glenbrook, Which is where the gnome convention happens.
These are definitely not gnome sized earrings.


Chrisy said...'re centainly multi talented...the peyote work looks as if it would take ages...look foward to seeing the second bracelet finished...

planettreasures said...

Yeay, peyote is slow, but strangely relaxing!
Now that's a challenge to actually finish the bracelet, Chrisy!

Natalia said...

Wow, Tess! you don't muck around! I have that tutorial (somewhere) for the miyuke cubes - I'll try and find it for you. :)

Beadsme said...

Woohoo market in Glenbrook.

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