Monday, January 26, 2009

Treasuries with me and by me - part 3

This week started quietly as regards either getting or being featured in a treasury.

Maybe the timing wasn't right for us down-under people.

Then the end of the week brought a flurry - including this deliciously coloured one by laceandlinks.
Carmel of laceandlinks was inspired by the colour of Australia - the wide brown land, and kindly included my south-west cape necklace, right next to rainbowrevolutions gorgeous wrap which I own a version of (see a previous post).
Carmel (laceandlinks) is a very versatile crafter, who enjoys making all sorts of creations.
Just look at the incredible colourful bracelet - Beads of fire.

On a totally different topic, hannahfaerie found unity in the muted tones of bugs, and we were thrilled to see one of our new tshirts included - the blue dragonfly tshirt.

Hannah is another Australian seller on etsy who fashions one of a kind jewellery from her own lovely ceramic beads.
I just love the colour and textures on this pretty wedgewood necklace.
Well it has been very hot in Sydney this week, and Olga from Baboom must have wished she was back in Europe to cool down. Not that there are actually icebergs in europe!

I'm glad she thought my moonshine bracelet fitted her theme, and hope it helped to cool her down.

Olga is an amazingly talented worker of yarn, felt, beads etc, who creates all her own designs, including this delightful scarflette - perfect for mermaids, and exquisitely knitted and crocheted.

And to finish a couple I curated (at the same time, one in treasury and the other in treasury west).

This song has been going round in my head all week, so I just had to put it into pictures.

Then, because it was Australia day, I just had to do the green and gold one...

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hannahfaerie said...

Glad you liked the treasury, its so fun to show off all the wonderful work I find on etsy!

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