Friday, October 12, 2012

Blogging tips

Last week's ticklish question "why blog?" inevitably led me on to the question of "how to"?

So I did a little research, as you do, and wondered if I could impart some quick and useful blogging tips.

Now, I should tell you that I am by no means an expert.
I don't pretend to be the best blogger or even a good blogger.
So you need to do as I say - not do as I do. OK?

What I aim to do is distill some of the vast quantity of information that is out there for bloggers.

- blog what you know. Remember you are the expert on your business, your garden, your cooking, your children, whatever.

- let your personality shine through in your blog. Don't try and be someone else's blog. Although you may love the style and content of The Ginger Cat's* blog - it's a mistake to try and emulate that exact cat's style, people will find it hard to engage with you and you will find it hard to maintain.

- be consistent. Blog regularly, not necessarily every day, but if you blog regularly your followers will look forward to your posts.

- build relationships. That's what it's all about really. Comment on other blogs (meaningfully!). Invite guest bloggers, submit content to other blogs. Use facebook, twitter, google + etc to find your readers and build up networks.

- keep posts fairly simple. One topic/issue/point/item per post mainly. That way your posts are easy to read, and you can save the extra material for more posts.

- Use a mix of images and text. Some posts might be mainly photos (like wordless Wednesday), some (like this one) mainly words. Mixing it up keeps things interesting and remember that a picture tells a thousand words!

- Have fun. If blogging becomes a chore it will show!

- Rules are meant to be broken!

Here are some links to pages that I used to find this info.
There is heaps out there!
Do you have any recommendations of bloggers who have given you good information or advice?

How to grow your blog by Neil Paton


Charlie Beckett on LSE

OneofaKindSites on etsy forums

Timothy Adam handmadeology 

Jess over on Epheriell Designs 

blogging with Amy

Pip over at justb is holding a blog school, starting next week, should be good.

Happy blogging!

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*hopefully not a real blog, I think I just made it up.


Cherie said...

Oh Giolly Gosh I love your blog ... but yikes there's not enough hours in the day is there?
Thank You for your lovely comments re my New York post ... me too, I've got a few favourite places.
I'll be back to you soon ;)

Anastasia said...

some great tips there Tess and wonderful links, thanks for sharing!!!

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