Tuesday, October 23, 2012

What to blog about?

When I first started blogging I wondered what on earth I would find to blog about!
But here I am - 4 and a half years and over 600 posts later - still blathering on!

So, what to blog about?
Here are some of the ideas for blog content that I have collected.

1. What you are working on.
2. Write about someone else - another artist or designer maybe.
3. Review something - a book or a movie or a product.
4. Write a list eg 30 things I want to do before I'm 30.
5. Your creative process.
6. Something you just bought be it craft supplies or a wonderful backpack.
7. Spotlight items from your inventory.
8. Hold a competition.
9. Hold a giveaway.

10. Write a tutorial either for one of your creations, or a recipe, or how to change a car tyre.
11. Write about an event you have been to - a craft show, or a theatre show, or a dog show.
12. Write about your travels - round the block or round the world.
13. Something from your family life, or your childhood.
14. Invite guest bloggers.
15. How you have developed your creative business.
16. Join in with special days hosted by other bloggers - eg wordless wednesday at My Little Drummer Boys, My creative space hosted by kootoyoo at Village Voices on Kidspot, Mandarin Orange Monday at lorikart, Friday Finds, Sunday snippets with tinniegirl or just do your own.

17. ______ inspires me.
18. What I've learned from ________________. eg running a craft business, or being a mother.
19. Share other interesting blogs posts/tutorials/how-to's/giveaways etc. Note do not copy hollus-bollus but a short review or comment and then link back to the original post.
20. A follow-up on something you blogged about a while back.

Well, that's about all I can think of for now.
What else can you add to the list?

Please leave a thoughtful comment if you would like to enter this week's giveaway, which I will draw later today.
You can leave a comment on any of my posts.

There are more blogtoberfest giveaways happening over on Ms Curlypops blog.

Want to find out what blogtoberfest is all about? Head on over here


lorik said...

Thanks Tess- both for the Mandarin Orange Monday mention and for the blogging tips. I will refer back to them when I am stuck - which I often am.

I like the one about following back on an old post. So often I have looked back and thought how I could add so much - but never occurred to me to do it.
And something from childhood - that is a good idea!
BTW i love that pic - of what could be my Melody thinking about what she might do with the keyboard!

planettreasures said...

Hi Lori, I'm glad you didn't mind.
I should keep the list in front of my computer, it might help to keep me going once blogtober is over.
I must admit I've never revisited old posts but I might give it a try.
I love the cat too - so typical of cats!

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