Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Why blog? and a giveaway

Why blog?
Wow! I really opened a can of worms in my head when I asked myself that question.

Because I can?
Because it's there?
Because everybody else is?

I lead me on to think about the many billions of blogs out there. Most of the blogs I am familiar with are to do with crafting, art or creating stuff.
But there are all sorts - travel blogs, foodie blogs, political blogs, financial blogs etc etc and many more, I'm sure that I have no idea about.

There are more blogs out there than we will ever need!

So why me? And why you?

I guess I started blogging as an extension of my on-line business.
Over on etsy (where I have 3 shops now!) we're told that you can't just load you items in your shop and expect them to sell - oh, no - you have to promote yourself.

"Have a blog", they said - those gurus of the etsy forums.

Let people see the person behind the goods, let them get to know you - "connect with your customers".

And so we all rushed over to blogger or wordpress or wherever and blogged our hearts out.
But was anybody reading our blogs?
Why would anybody read our blogs?
We networked and read other people's blogs and we commented like crazy!
We joined memes.
We joined blog rings and jumped through hoops!

Why do we continue to blog in this world of 140 character grabs, flickr photos, facebook friends, and tumblr (plus no doubt many more I have no concept of!)?

Here's what I have gathered.

1. Blogging can be the centrepiece of all your on-line marketing and your social media activities.

2. You can explain more about yourself and your creative processes. you can post works in progress and get those appetites whetted.

3. You can share.
You can share tutorials, display ideas, successes and failures.

4. The posts you write are enduring. Facebook and twitter scroll through pretty quickly and if you want to find something again is pretty much impossible.
You can refer back to blog posts or refer others to them.

5. You can use photos to tell your story - a picture tells a thousand words so they say.
" Ok, you say you can have photos on facebook too". But on your blog you can post several pictures, you can have a coherent storyline - or not, depending on what your post is about.

6. You can hold giveaways or competitions.

7. You can link to all your other activites - you on-line shop, your fabebook, your twitter, your flickr etc. They can all be in your sidebar or wherever you want to have them.

Do you blog?
Why do you blog?
What do you blog about?

Oh, and my giveaway!
Please leave a comment of you'd like to be in the draw for a beautiful pair of planettreasures earrings.
The winner will be drawn next Tuesday 9th October.

 thanks for reading : )


DELiciousDesignz said...

I often ask myself that question. My blog has been so neglected and when I do post something I often wonder , why! Who is reading it? Does anyone care if I just made something? My reason for starting a blog was the same as you Tess, self promotion from online stores. I was so committed at first but now I might blog once a month. There is just too much online to keep up with and I hardly ever have time to catch up on other peoples blogs. It is info overload.
I love your jewellery.. My pair of silver hoop dangles are one of my favourite pairs of earrings.

lorik said...

I ask myself too! Like both you and Delicious, I started blogging to promote my shop - but it seems now that blogging is taking over. I think I am spending more time on my blog than making for my etsy shop. But then again, through my blogging I am making lots of digital art - which I love doing, but don't sell:)

Maddo said...

Love this post Tess - and Happy Blogtoberfest12 !

Anastasia said...

ive been blogging for a while now but started my blog way before my Etsy shop. I just enjoyed finding like-minded people, busy mums like me, creative girls like me, day dreamers like me! I think its great to have a space to post what ever I feel like, whenever I feel like - inspirations, dreams and wants! I like to share snippets of my everyday, crafts, yummy food...I still enjoy blogging so as long as Im having fun I will keep at it!

Maddo said...

yay for Blogtoberfest12 Tess - congrats on a fab blogpost xo

deadlycraft said...

Those earrings are lovely - especially the green ones :) You should blog just to show me nice pictures of lovely earrings!

NatashaMay said...

It's very hard to answer that question because you just do it for no reason in particular. :) Love your explanation though.

Cherie said...

Love your reasons for blogging! I blog cause I love it, however recently Facebook has taken over. The security and speed of Facebook is what attracts me. Thankfully Blogtoberfest has given me the nudge to retun to blogging diligently so shall see you here again soon!

Anonymous said...

Good question! I started blogging because I wanted to start making and writing more, but I never expected to love it so much! I think the blog community makes such a difference too - I love reading other people's inspiring posts and seeing that someone's liked mine. It makes the world seem smaller too!

The Creative Beast said...

Hello, I'm visiting as a Blogtoberfest participant =-)

This post is very timely for me right now as I've been thinking of how to continue with my blog in the face of having the challenge of no internet at home but your wonderful list of WHY WE SHOULD BLOG was very helpful! So here are my answers -
YES, I blog =-)
I blog because:
It was a way to create a much needed community of support to remind me that I was more than my bad day job
It was a way to share the work I create (I now sell on Etsy too!)
It was a way to practice my writing skills and improve my photography skills
I blog about CREATIVITY through my various creative projects in sewing, jewelry making, knitting, book binding and mixed media art, among other things I do creatively =-)

Thank you for your blog post - this has helped me to get back to why I blog so I can continue to do more of the same, despite having no internet at home!

hueisei said...

I love to blog because I can share :)

planettreasures said...

Wow! I'm want to thank you all for such fabulous responses. I obviously struck a chord there!

Del, it would be great to see you blogging again : )

It's interesting Lori that blogging has led to another form of creativity for you. Your blog looks great!

Thanks Samara, you are a great blogger.

You are a very seasoned blogger AC, and your blog is lovely.

planettreasures said...

Thanks deadly! I'm always happy to show off my earrings : )

Natasha May - your blog is the perfect way to show off your art work. do you think art is more suited to blogs than other creations?

Hi Cherie, facebook is quuicker & easier and it's more responsive isn't it? But also it's less durable, maybe?

Debbie - are you firstly a writer? Blogs are a good outlet for writers and your blog is really interesting. I love your lists.

Creative beast - how are you managing without the internet? Do you go somewhere?
I love your reasons - esp improving writing and photography skills.
Also a release from everyday life.
Hope you can manage to keep on blogging : )

CraftyMummy said...

I started blogging as my creative place - the place for me to share my creations. But I suppose it has grown into my base for lots of other online things.

Great post to get me thinking - and thanks for the chance to win!

Sally Cooper said...

Such a great post Tess - I go from thinking my blog is such a great idea to wondering why I ever bother, and I certainly don't find the time to be consistent enough!

having said that blogs are great, I do so enjoy perusing my favourites!

Sally x

Cynthia L. said...

I found your blog from Blogtoberfest! I love your jewelry and I enjoyed looking through your blog also. I began blogging about 3 or 4 years ago and it was pretty rare that I would get on there and blog. Life kept getting in the way. I now have two blogs and it seems when I pay attention to one, the other gets ignored! I am in the midst of starting a etsy shop and will blog because of that also! Seems there is so much time necessary on the internet, that there is not time for crafting! I would love to be entered in your giveaway (I am in American though). Glad I found your site.

planettreasures said...

wow! Tonya! you are prolific!
Do you find it hard to keep up with 4 blogs? Though I guess you do just have one main one.
Thanks for visiting here - I value your contribution.

planettreasures said...

I know what you mean Sally , I feel the same about mine.
That's why blogtober is so good - it focuses you on blogging and then you do get lovely people visiting! : )

planettreasures said...

Hi Cynthia and welcome!
You are a busy lady with all your blogging.
I love the idea of the Have the Cake blog. I love baking so maybe I should join in.
I so agree with you about sending too much time on blogging and such and having no time for creating.
Getting the balance right is hard.
(and I'm perfectly happy to ship all over the world)

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