Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday faves

I love digging through my faves on Fridays.
Revisiting some old faves, making friends with some new ones, getting lost in shops...

Here is a new one that I found this morning.
This shop has a lot of bike decorated glasses and tshirts, but I just love this crafty one - 

crafty pint glasses by vital

This bag may be newly noticed by me but the shop and maker are not!
OK this is made by my friend K, but she seriously makes the best messenger bags around.
I usually go for the bright fabrics but I love the 50's feel of this fabric - reminds me of some curtains from my childhood I think.

small messenger bag by needlevsthread

I love pottery! Did you know that I was a potter before I was a jewellery designer?
And I guess it's still in my blood but these days I leave it the expert practitioners.
This ticks a couple of boxes - it's a jewellery display pot - how useful is that?

jewellery bowl by CaractacusPots

And here's another piece that ticks a couple of boxes.
I have a soft spot for waterecolours (I also tried that!) and of course I'm a cat person.
Plus this is a french, revolutionary puss - aw!

Les Mews by amberalexander

It's sort-of-summer, time to reassess ones wardrobe - maybe I'm in the market for a new skirt, but it's so hard to decide which one!
What do you think of this one - it's denim (love), got some brightness (love) and it's wrap around (too comfy) - yep, that ticks a few boxes too!

wrap around skirt by boutique mia
Phew! All that ticking boxes has me worn out!

Have a great weekend everyone.


Kat @ I Saw You Dancing said...

Ooooh, what a yummy collection! You have great taste.

planettreasures said...

Thanks Kat and thanks for visiting : )

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