Thursday, October 18, 2012

Multi-tasking - 3 things in one day - my creative space

Are you the sort of crafty peep who does lots and lots of things?
I am!
Sometimes I wonder if I am the jack of all trades...and master of none.

My main business is jewellery designing (as you probably know) and I have a rampant love of handmade glass beads.
Now I know that making glass lampwork beads is a skill that takes time to learn, and I have been learning for a few years - but not on a regular or frequent basis. Which is what it takes to get proficient at something like this.

So the other day I dipped my rods in bead release ready for a stint of lampworking - and today it happenend!
Crikey! I had forgotten how and had to look up the instructions in a book, but, you know - you have to start (or restart) somewhere.

I set myself the goal of making 10 beads.

While they were cooling down I picked up some beadweaving that I've had on the go for a couple of weeks and have unfortunately had to use the frog stitch* too many times.
I thought I'd finished but then realised that I had done one row too many - so more frog stitch : (

I needed a break before I threw the wretched beadwork through the window - so it was off to my sewing room (yes, I have 2 workrooms - that's what happens when you become an empty-nester),
as I remembered that I needed to restock some tshirts for my Boos Tees shop.

Then I got my new-born beads out of their vermiculite womb (vermiculite stops them cooling down too quickly and cracking)
Here they are - a pretty motley crew if you ask me.

But if I set myself a goal of 10 beads a day - or most days, I'm sure I will improve.

Now I also have to get them off the rods, which is always fun and sometimes a non-event.
I'll show you when/if I get them off and cleaned up,

What have you been up to?

I'm joining in with My Creative Space over on Village Voices - come on over - it's fun!
 *frog stitch is when you have to "ripit - rip-it"! ie undo it

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