Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Faces on the street in India - Wordless Wednesday


RobinBrz said...

I love that so many of the faces you've chosen are wearing a smile! It always interesting to me how very different our lives seem on the surface, but how similar we are beneath.
I also wanted to say that you list - What Should I Blog About? - has lots of great ideas. I don't usually have trouble coming up with a topic, I have trouble finding enough time to do and write about all the things I want to!! If only I didn't have to sleep!

planettreasures said...

It's true, we do have much in common and they were (nearly) always smiling, they love westerners and having their photo taken with us.
That's great that you never run out of blog topics - haha, I hear you about sleep taking up out valuable time!

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