Monday, October 1, 2012

Welcome to blogtoberfest!

Hi and welcome to blogtoberfest!
This is when a whole lot of bloggers will endeavour to blog every day in October.

I took part in this last year and it was fun, challenging and inspiring.
At the moment there are nearly 168 participants. If you would lie to join in or just check out some really cool blogs pop on over to our fabulous hosts blog, I Saw You Dancing.

The gorgeous Curly Pops is hosting the giveaway page for blogtoberfest. Not too many participants at the moment but I'm sure thing will pick up as the month goes on. Have a look - here!

Back here you will find a few stories about me and my life and craft(s).

 On Wednesdays I'll continue the photo essays on my trip to India in July.

Thursdays are traditionally My Creative Space days.

Other things I have planned include some how to's, tutorials and spotlight on some of my artist and designer friends.

I'll include places I've been, and anything that generally rock my socks!

If you are a blogger why don't you challenge yourself and join us in blogtoberfest? Go on!
I'll see you there.


Anonymous said...

Yay for Blogtoberfest! Looking forward to reading your posts and checking out your Etsy stores :)

Bron said...

sounds like you have a really good plan...mine will be a bit guided bit he day I think..Have a lovely month. xx

Tracy VT said...

I'm Blogtoberfesting too! i'll probably keep on creating a bag a day...or two, and checking out all of the lovely blogs. I love the look of yours!

PS How did you install the button? I'm having problems!

NatashaMay said...

I'm looking forward to reading some of your posts. I always enjoy the tutorials. :)

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