Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Making coin purses - some free tutorials

I love these sweet little coin purses.
They are great for using up small pieces of fabric, and make great stocking stuffers, or as a package for a small gift eg a pair of earrings ; )

There are some fab free tutorials around on how to make them. People are amazingly generous sharing their know-how aren't they?
Here is a free tutorial from Cut Out + Keep that is really simple - it uses just 2 pieces of fabric so that the inside and outside are the same.

If you would like to move on from this one or it is too simple, then you might be inspired by Jennifer Jangles gorgeous purses. They are a little bigger than a coin purse but you could cut them down a bit.
Jennifer uses such vibrant fabrics and makes her purses really special.

I also found a tute for this cute little pouch.
It is designed for ear buds - but would work as a coin purse too - or an earrings purse or.....

Thanks to Dog Under My Desk for this one.

And I think I've just discovered a new favourite blogs : )

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