Thursday, October 4, 2012

Solving problems - My creative space

I had a problem to solve.
I wanted to string a triple strand of beads.
I wanted to join it to some chain, so that the beads were just at the front.
I wanted the beads strands to lie nicely and not be all jumbly-umply.

I didn't have quite the right things that would have made this easy - like a 3 to 1 connector.
Or I could have used a big cone if I'd had one, but then they would have been jumbly-umply.

I had these 3 strand thingys (small bar with 3 holes)
I had some big rings that I'd recently bought to make some big hoop earrings with.

Laying the beads out on a bead board like this helps to get the drape of the strands right (my bead board has seen much better days - even before I gave it a home)

How I attached the strands to the rings.

Then I just added the chain with jump rings.

 This all took me far too much time! So I decided not to waste it and so  I made 2 more but in different colourways. (Which I haven't photographed yet)

I have a big 2 day festival at the weekend so I'm in bulk production mode!
If you are in the area pop into Leura Fair in the beautiful Blue Mountains just west of Sydney.
So then I strung up some lava stone necklace as well.

I'm taking part in My Creative Space over on Village Voices - come and join us!

If you would like to leave a comment you will go into the draw to win a pair of planettreasures earrings, drawn Tuesday 9th October.


jessica crawford said...

Wow! I absolutely love the colours in that necklace. Very cool for summer! Gorgeous. x

Wombat's Picnic said...

Necessity really is the mother of invention isn't it? Lovely necklace and have to agree, great colours:) Cyndy

planettreasures said...

Glad you both like the colours, Cyndy and Jessica - sometimes I'm not sure if others will like what I like - particularly when it's a bit of a bit out there!

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