Sunday, October 21, 2012

The best Blue Mountains bushwalk

Is this the best bushwalk in the Blue Mountains?
Everyone probably has their favorite place to walk - I live in the glorious Blue Mountains just west of Sydney. There is an enormous national park here and a great part of it is a world heritage area, so it is pretty special.
There are many places to stretch your legs from a few hundred metres to multi-day hikes. So much to chose from.
But the Grand Canyon has to be one of the best walks - ever!

There has been working going on for many years and the track is closed during the week, so you have to pass through a few gates.
It's kinda surreal, a bit like you are entering Narnia or something.

Soon you descend into the upper part of the canyon.

Down and down.

Until you reach creek level.

On the way back out you pass through some lovely forest.

Until once on the escarpment you are met by this breathtaking view.

What do you reckon? Best bushwalk ever?

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Jennifer Skelly said...

It looks beautiful! I have never been to the Blue Mountains but I love bushwalking in Tassie. When I come there I'll have to get your advice on where to walk!

Anastasia said...

I love the Blue Mountains! I havent done many bush walks though but its such a pretty spot!

lorik said...

Beautiful! And it is about time I started bushwalking again - not that i ever did very big ones. I remember when our son was young we used to follow a little trail somewhere off the road between Leura and Katoomba. We called it the Ewok Forest - your Narnia reminded me:)

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