Saturday, October 27, 2012

Not following my own suggestions

Today I went to a local school fete - as a stallholder. And it was a lovely fete. The organisers had put a lot  into it.
It had a green garden theme and there were gardening workshops, and Costa from an ABC TV gardening show was there.
There was a farmer's market and other things you expect to see at a school fete - second-hand books and clothes, pre-loved toys and I'm sure much more that I didn't get to see.

 There were a few nice craft stalls, and  a cake stall and kids activities.
A great thing to blog about! yes?

I managed not to take many photos - just a couple of my stall - what a blog fail!
Isn't this one of the things in my list of "what to blog about"?
See here at #11?
So I'm so sorry .....

Instead I'll show you some photos of other markets at other places, other times -

The Rocks Market in Sydney

Fiona of 4 leaf clover

At Leura Fair in years gone by -

Brian amidst the blossom with his fabulous pots

D and M pottery

Lindy Longhurst - serpent mandalas
What was my excuse today?
I was busy.
I was by myself.
I forgot....
So don't do what I do - do what I say!
And I promise that next time I'll take lots of photos.

unknown artist


DELiciousDesignz said...

I think you did very well to set up and run the market all by yourself tess, so don't feel bad about taking photos , at least you did a blog post. I don't really have an excuse . I am watching the gardening show at the moment. Were they filming at the markets.

Susan Templeman said...

Well your stall looked lovely and the bracelet I bought will wing its way to Spain. You're right. It was a really lovely fair.

Whimsy and Juno said...

Your stall looked absolutely lovely! We never had anyone selling lovely accessories like yours at my school fetes when I was a kid- I guess they've improved over time! :)
xoxo Lauren

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