Saturday, October 8, 2011

Check list for rainy day craft markets - blogtoberfest day 8

Well here we are at Leura Fair!
Unfortunately it wasn't "fair" all day! A little bit damp, not as bad as some...but not the best.

Anyway we soldiered on and it made me think that once you have commited to a big market-type thing like this you really have to be prepared and make the best of it.

Most markets and festival are not cancelled if it rains and you don't get our money back if you don't go or if you go home early bcause you are not prepared.

So what do you need to take to be prepared for all eventualities?

Check list -

1. Gazebo - nice and strong and with a waterproof canopy. And preferrably with removable walls.
Some walls zip up and tie on, some velcro on.

2. Weights to secure your gazebo. Sandbags, empty 2 litre milk bottles filled with sand. If you are on grass you can use tent pegs instead.

3. Towel to dry up drips or wipe away mud.

4. It helps if you set up your tables and display so that they are set back from the drip line of the tent.

5. Also if you set up in a U-shape them people can still come inside and see you wares. Mostly I like to set up so that my tables are at the egde of the gazebo and I stand behind them, but very wet weather calls for different tactics.

6. Dress warmly and waterproofly yourself. Nothing worse than looking like a drowned rat all day with wet feet!!

7. Some people like clear plastic sheets, like painting drop sheets, to cover their stock.
Personally I don't like this unless you are absolutely desperate as it really discourages customers - unless all the customers have gone home.

8. Sometimes rain is accompanied by strong winds in which case you will need to make sure that your stock and display items don't blow away.
I favour display props that are not easily blown down or ones you can clamp to the table or weigh down in some way.
I have even been known to tie my display to the table with ropes or those elastic bungy straps with hooks on the ends, you know the ones? Not very attractive but sure beats watching half your stock fly down the paddock!

9. Anything else you can think of?

10. Above all - keep smiling : )
Hopefully it won't end up like this -

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zsazsazsu said...

great blogpost !

H said...

And another tip, those that hang in there rather than pack up and go home might end up with the best sales. It certainly worked in my experience. One market had huge gusty winds and rain but I was prepared and had my best turn over to date - not huge, but very good for me :)
I was pleased I had forked out for a very sturdy canopy with sides as I watched others fold like plastic. A good investment. I was a safe haven for fair patrons at times.

planettreasures said...

So true, H.
I always think that you've paid your money for your stall space, you might as well make the most of it.
You are right a good shelter is worth it's weight in gold!

Thanks zsa : )

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