Sunday, October 16, 2011

A lovely day in the Gong and a challenge - blogtoberfest day 16

It was a beautiful day in Wollongong today -

I took Dear Daughter home and we walked along the beach.

The sky divers dropped in -

We went for a swim - it was cold!

Then we had lunch at The Pantry again.

I must say I enjoyed my prawn salad so much I could go back for more!

 Then we decided that we both needed to exercise more but lack motivation sometimes, so we set ourselves a challenge to do some form of exercise 4 times this week.
For me that could be going for a walk or a bike ride, doing some yoga or swimming.
For her - a run or a walk, a game of austag, gym class (gymnastics) or swimming.
4 times a week is acheiveable.
I keep you posted as to our progress!

You can find blogtoberfest participants here.

Blogtoberfest giveaways are here.

And my giveaway is here!

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