Thursday, October 6, 2011

My Creative Space - blogtoberfest day 6

Hi and how are all the crafty creators today?

I've been busy making lots of new stock for the start of the spring fair season.

I wanted to have a bit of a floral/nature/birdie theme so I made some pendants with some images that I bought ages ago.

One of them I made into a necklace with a silver branch component but the others....well that's a surprise!

I also made some owly branch necklaces with brass findings.

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Melanie Statnick said...

Love these !!

Lis said...

I love love those owl necklaces just way too cute, will they be going in your etsy store ??

Lea said...

These are absolutely gorgeous.

Donna said...

Love the pendants .. so pretty ! The owls are lovely too :)

planettreasures said...

thankyou Melanie, Lis, Lea and Donna : )
The necklaces I made with the pendants sold quite well at the weekend, the owly ones I still have so I should put them in my etsy shop shouldn't I?

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