Monday, October 17, 2011

Mad about patchouli - blogtoberfest day 17

I think I must be a latter-day hippie because I love patchouli!
I don't really know how it started, but I bought a rose and patchouli perfume a few years ago and I think that was the start of my obsession.
patchouli plant
Did you know that -
Patchouli is a plant of the mint family.
It grows in tropical climes.
Oil is distilled from the leaves of the plant.
Its essence has been used for centuries as a perfume.
Some describe its scent as pungent, mossy and musty.
It is the smell of the 60's?

Patchouli is a great partner for other scents, rose as I mentioned above and there are a few more here that I have personally experienced.

A couple of soaps from three of my favorite soap makers -

lime and patchouli soap from new earth soaps

patchouli lemengrass soap from inner earth soaps

orange bloosom and patchouli handwash from kussen

Kussen also has some patchouli shampoo which I might have to try.

And I found these divine candles made by a local team.

patchoili, lavender and rose candles by wyck
What's your favorite scent?

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Erika Price said...

I always wondered what a patchouli plant looked like!

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