Saturday, October 29, 2011

Nearing the end - to blog or not to blog - blogtoberfest day 29

Well the end of blogtoberfest is in sight - 2 more posts after this, and for better or worse I've stayed the course.

Mostly it has been fine - and lots of fun - and I'm found some great blogs and today I even met (really!) a blogger I first "met" through blogtoberfest! How cool is that?!

It wasn't planned - it wasn't a date or anything, we just both happened to have a stall at the Museum of Fire Doll, Bear and Craft Fair.

But, I digress...I must admit that the last couple of days it's been a struggle to blog. I've been so busy getting ready for the aforementioned fair and yesterday was a pretty lame attempt - I blogged my lunch (!)

And it led me to wonder is it better to have blogged and lost than to never blog at all?!
Or is it better to blog only about worthy, meaningful things and if you don't have anything to say then just "shut up!"?

And with that I will take my own advice and disappear.....

my stall at the Museum of Fire
using a couple of old cases to display tshirts

You can find blogtoberfest participants here.

Blogtoberfest giveaways are here.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!


Little Mo and Friends said...

your booth setup looks great tess! Don't stress too much about's nearing the end anyway lol!! your lunch post was quite cute actually!!

Barn House Antiques said...

Great meeting you yesterday. I am getting ready to leave for today now. See you soon.

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