Monday, October 24, 2011

Mad about teapots! blogtoberfest day 24

I love teapots!
and I was reminded of this when I saw Little Mo and friends latest creation -

Little Mo and friends

Isn't it sweet?
And I started thinking about the wondrous array of teapots, from the classical elegance of vintage ware -

hall pottery airflow teapot from vintagevasso
to the cottage teaset that I used to covet in my grandmother's china cabinet, like this one -

cottageware teapot from fabvintageestates

Not all teapots are functional they can be sculptural -

scorpion king ceramic teapot by juliesatelier
blast furnace teapot by sluehrstudio
Of course thay can also be functional and whimsical -

tardis teapot by jadeflower

and fun -

puffer fish teapot by AmuseYou
 Some are tiny -

miniature teapot by lawatson
or for one -

personal teapot by Hodakapottery
Imaginitive -

mushroom teapot by alinahayesceramics

Tall -
teapot with cup by ceramicpix
or squat -

amaya by ocpottery
 or somewhere inbetween -

ceramic teapot by hughespottery

Painted -
painted teapot by amybarker
boldly or delicately -

baby's breath teaset by yevgenia
....sorry, have to go Hub is making me a cuppa......

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DELiciousDesignz said...

I like teapots just a little bit too Tess. I got a gorgeous one from Hubby for my birthday last week and have lots of my collection on my blog. Just click on tag teapot, T42

Jo-anne *Blossy* said...

Being the Whovian that I am I absolutely LOVE the TARDIS teapot! They all look good but the TARDIS is definitely my favourite :)

Lis said...

They are all so cute, love the different effects with the clay ones.

planettreasures said...

wow! del, you have some amazing teapots ...totally sooooooooo jealous : }

planettreasures said...

Hehe, Jo-anne - the tardis one got me too : )

planettreasures said...

thanks lis, I couldnt pick just one if I tried! and the more I looked the more fabulous ones I found : }

Lori said...

I love the tea pots. I have a small collection of the house ones.

Manuela said...

Wow love these Teapots! Great picks! :)

P.s.: What do you think about following each other? :)

Have a wonderful day,

Little Mo and Friends said...

yes I adore teapots I actually want to buy a tea cupboard so that we can put all the teabags and teasets that we've collected (well I collect the pots, hubby collects the brew! hehe)

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