Sunday, October 9, 2011

More craft market set-up - blogtoberfest day 9

I'm still thinking about easy and weather-proof market set-up.
Today's weather was a bit windy - those gusty sort of winds that take you by surprise.
You need to be prepared with gazebo weighted down and your display secure.

If you use table coverings they need to be un-flappable!
I used to tie my cloths to the table legs but now my lovely daughter has made me fitted table cloths. I still put cream velvet over the top as I think this shows off the beads better and I use tablecloth clamps to stop it blowing over my stock.

I have a huge bags - one of those IKEA bags - with all sorts of ropes, pegs, clamps, a hammer etc in.
Maybe I'll show you it's contents one of these days!

As I mentioned yesterday, I favour display props that won't blow over.
A while ago I got these perspex jewellery stands which work well for me.

I have them in two sizes and they stack for transporting.
I have quite a variety of necklace displays stands.

These black ones are good for certain colours or silver jewellery and they unclip and you can pack them flat.

Other items I like to have aready displayed so that I can just lay the board out when I get to the market.
These are calico-covered cut-up polystyrene boxes.
I pin my brooches to them, also stops them blowing away.

Aesthetically, it's probably not the best but it is very practical and customers can clearly see your wares.

Do you have any favorite display props that you have either bought or have made?

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A Christy Production said...

I sell cards at markets... and I made a stand out of a wooden crate that I cut in half, then put legs on the sides and a piece of wood on the back to steady it, and then painted it white, and hammered in really long nails for the cards to hang off of. Probably not the best explanation.... maybe I should do a blog post on how awesome it is haha.

Lis said...

SOme gorgeous jewellery and I love the way that you display it.

planettreasures said...

That sounds great Christy, I'd love to see it! You so should blog about it!

thanks Lis, so sweet of you to say : )

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