Monday, October 3, 2011

Mad about teacups - blogtoberfest day 3

I like tea and all things tea-ish!
I especially like tea cups even though I never really use them at home.

When I was thinking about blogging about tea cups today the lovely Samara of maddabling posted a blog that included this awesome tea cup shop on etsy, DadsTeacups.

I found many faves there but am particulary fond of this fruity little one -
Aynsley tea cup from DadsTeacups

I also love tea cup art -

turquoise teacup stack by rubyvictor

Here are some fine works by Aussie artists and designers.

time for tea card by RedLetterStudio

I dont drink tea print by aussiepatches

teacup print by dspdavey

Now if I did have a tea cup collection I'd want to display them, maybe like this -

tea cup display by penelope waits
or this -
found on pinterest

I also love the many things you can create using teacups -

Cake stands -

cake stands by highteaforalice

jewellery storage -
jewellery storage
lights -

tea cup lights by bonasera

clock -

found on pinterest from sweet paul

You can use them as planters -

succulent garden from epherielldesigns
Of course you could make your own paper mache cups.

How amazing are they? Check out the tutorial!

paper mache tea cups by ann wood

And finally I scourd my cupboards for some teacups.
You see I'm really a mug of tea girl and have a mighty collection of mugs from my travels, but realise I am sadly lacking in the pretty cup department.
However I found these in my mum's china cabinet, which my daughter has inherited.

They are family heirlooms, but I'm ashamed to say I know nothing of their history.

This on has "Japan" stamped on the bottom.

This set is Royal Worcester and quite old by the look of the design.
Look how fine and fragile the handle is.

Do you have family heirlooms?
What about teacups? Are you a tea cup fan too?


Anonymous said...

OOh I am mad about teacups too. I love that last one of yours. Just lovely :)

lynsey said...

Wow Fantastic tea cup post, i just hopped over to Etsy and purchased one from the first website, lovely

Maddo said...

that's a fan-tea-stic post Tess - love everything you featured - and thank you so much for the shoutout xo

Jo-anne *Blossy* said...

Those teacups look fantastic. I especially love the first one. Very pretty :)

planettreasures said...

hehe, thanks Shelley.

planettreasures said...

Oh cool, Lynsey!
I'm getting the buying urge too : )

planettreasures said...

haha! Samara, very punny!
..and you're welcome : )

planettreasures said...

Thanks Jo-anne, it is a bit sweet isnt it?

lori said...

I love your teacups.Great collection. My favourites are the papier mache ones. I started to collect teapots but I had to stop because they take up so much space. Maybe I will collect digital ones like you have done.

Karen said...

Nothing better than a good cup of tea - or a teacup light - I want one!!

Donna said...

Wow ... all of those teacups are gorgeous ! I am the same way .. although my addiction is with coffee mugs :) I will have to share some photos of my faves on my blog !

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