Friday, October 21, 2011

What I have been up to this week - blogtoberfest day 21

Another week has zoomed by!
And I got a bit of this'n that done!

How about you? did everything go according to plan?
Any surprises or excitement this week?

As I mentioned earlier my daughter and I have started a fitness pledge - an so far this week I have been for a 1 hour walk, a 2 hour bike ride, a 1 and 1/2 hour buswalk and today I did 45 minutes of yoga from this on-line site.

My 1 hour walk took me round Glenbrook Lagoon, which has lots of waterlilies and weed in it at the moment.

A part of the lagoon reserve has been recenlty burnt - what a shame.

And leaning over a fence from a house bordering the lagoon - a mulberry tree.

I've had quite a few earrings orders via madeit this week and I like to use stickers on my parcels, but I am running out of the ones I'd bought.
However I'd also bought some from thankyou tags from kokovanilla, but wanted them to be stickers.

But wait! I remembered a gadget I'g bought a while ago from a craft show - the Xyron create-a-sticker gizmo!

Then - voila!  I had cute little thankyou stickers.

One of my favorite local walks is along an old fire trail at Valley Heights -

It was a beautiful day and starting to warm up.
The best of the flowers had gone - but the ferns were unfurling -

and there was a whole bank of Flannel flowers at one spot.

I have even found time to make some things with my new beads ...and a few oldies thrown in -

I just love these acid green crackle beads.
First I combined them with vivid orange then something a bit more subtle - with cornflower blue agate and some stripey lampwork cubes.

Whic one do you like the best?

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