Sunday, October 2, 2011

Things to blog about - 7 things Sunday

Often I hear people say "I'd love to have a blog but I don't know what to write about" or "I did have a blog but I couldn't keep it up."

Blogging does require some thought and commmitment and, sure, it isnt an activity for everyone.
And I guess the hardest thing is getting inspiration, keeping you mojo going, being interesting and consistent.
I must admit I'm not the most consistent blogger, a bit of a sporradic poster, but I do enjoy it and wish I was a faster typist!

Anyway if you are stuck for ideas here are a few hints.

1. If you make stuff, talk about what you make and how.
You can talk about your latest creations.
Or design inspiration.
Or "how to" / tutorial.

2. Feature other artists or designers.
Either as an interview style article or an overview of what they do.
For example I have a Wednesday wishlist, it's a quick, simple way to showcase othher designers.

create joy by sarahjanestudios

3. Write about your hobbies.
Love reading or walking or cooking or collecting stamps.

4. Have a giveaway. Everybody loves a freebie and the chance to win something.
You could also host giveaways for other people, lots of opportunities for networking there.

5. Have a wordless day - just post a photo - easy-peasy!

6. Join in on a special posting day. Lots of bloggers host a day of the week postig eg My creative space on Thusdays or What you working on Wednesday.
Or you could join in with a meme. A what?
You can find out more here. But basically it's a question or list of questions that you answer and that you then post on your blog.

7. Blog about your life.
Films you have seen, books you have read, restaurants you have been to, places you have travelled.

There are many more ideas, some take more effort and time than others, but once you start you will never be short of ideas.

What are your favorite things to blog about?
What do you love reading about on other people's blogs?


tartankiwi said...

A great list of potential blog ideas (who knows, I may need your help before the end of Blogtoberfest!)
Thanks for dropping by my wee blog and leaving a kind comment.

Lis said...

Some great ideas there for blog posts :) I do find it hard sometimes to decide what to blog about, this will help im sure, especially this month :)

Lori t said...

Thanks Tess. As a new blogger I am finding it very difficult to think of ideas. Having three was probably a mistake. Thanks again for the guidance.

planettreasures said...

I find bloggging very time-consuming, Lori.
I wish I could be quicker at it.
I see that your 3 blogs are different but it can be hard to find readers for one blog, let alone 3.
But if they are your passions then follow them and people will be sure to follow you.

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